How do I join the SUTD Alumni Family?

Any person who has completed his/her course of studies and been conferred a degree from SUTD (Bachelor or Masters or Doctor of Philosophy or Honorary) is an SUTD Alumnus. No membership fee is required.

What are the benefits and privileges of being an alumni member?

-              Lifelong Email

You will continue to have access to your SUTD email account after you graduate. Invites to our events and programmes will be sent to your SUTD alumni email account so remember to login to your SUTD alumni email account regularly or auto-forward your emails.

How to auto-forward your emails - https://support.office.com/en-US/article/Use-rules-in-Outlook-Web-App-to-automatically-forward-messages-to-another-account-1433E3A0-7FB0-4999-B536-50E05CB67FED 

-              24/7 Access to the Alumni Lounge

You are welcome to return to SUTD to catch up with your fellow alumni over some coffee/tea and light snacks at the alumni lounge. Alumni have 24/7 access to our well-stocked alumni lounge.

-              Alumnus Card

Your student access card will be disabled upon graduation.*

Sign up for the DBS SUTD Visa Debit Card (SUTD Alumnus Card) [Hyperlink to download the application form] to enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts at participating merchants. You will also need the alumnus card to access the alumni lounge.

*Except for students who are continuing on their postgraduate studies at SUTD.

-             Invitation to Alumni Events

Look forward to a wide range of complimentary/heavily subsidised alumni events such as Movie Night, Christmas Party, Lunar New Year Celebration Dinner, Wine Appreciation/Tasting event and more! Visit our https://alumniportal.sutd.edu.sg/upcoming-events/ for more information.

-            Membership for Fitness Centre & Swimming Pool at SUTD Staff Rates

You can sign up for SUTD gym membership at a discounted rate and get access to the gym and swimming pool. For enquiries, email  sutdsportsbooking@sutd.edu.sg

-          Wireless Access on Campus

You may use your alumni email address to log in to the EduRoam to access Wifi while you are on campus.

How do I apply for the SUTD Alumnus Card?

You can convert your student card into the Alumnus Card upon graduation by filling up a DBS SUTD Debit Card Application Form [Hyperlink]. It is also included as part of the Welcome Pack during Commencement every year.

If I am continuing my studies with SUTD for Masters or PhD, do I have to apply for the SUTD Alumnus Card?

No, if you are continuing in the following semester. Your Student Card will be programmed to enable you to access the Alumni Lounge during your course of studies.

How do I obtain the lifelong email address?

You will be provided with the lifelong email address after your graduation. The email format is firstname_lastname@alumni.sutd.edu.sg. You will be notified by the SUTD IT Infrastructure Team to access your email domain once it is created.

What are some of the features found in the Alumni Portal?

Rich Text Editor, content, Press ALT 0 for help

  • Access eNewsletter and Annoucements
  • View the latest event calendar and register for events
  • Update your personal particulars
  • Seek career opportunities
  • Seek lifelong learning opportunities
  • Give back to your SUTD community
  • Provide feedback
  • Request for Transcripts


How do I login to the Alumni Portal?

You can login to the Alumni Portal using your Alumni Email ID and Password at https://alumniportal.sutd.edu.sg/.

How can I update my personal particulars (e.g. change of mailing address/contact number/email)?

You can update your personal particulars via the https://alumniportal.sutd.edu.sg/personal/ page at the Alumni Portal.

How do I request for my academic transcript or 5th row certificate?

You can request by logging in to http://myportal.sutd.edu.sg/  using your Student ID (7-digit starting with “1000xxx”) and Password.